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Modra špilja – Blue Grotto The Blue Grotto is located on the east side of Biševo island.

The Grotto has two openings, one smaller and artificially made, which has no adverse effects on the lighthing within and through which an row boat may freely pass through.

N. P. "Plitvice Lakes" Most visited Croatian national park.

Enjoy walks in a densely forested mountainious country which boasts 16 lakes of various size, filled with crystal-clear blue-green water.

Zlatni Rat - Golden Cape The most famous beach in Croatia.

This natural phenomenon is a gravel cape, about a thousand meters long, washed by the clean and clear sea. The beach is also famous for shifting shape and size, according to the blowing wind and currents.

Blue Lagoon – Krknjaši Embellished by pearly beaches and the turquoise sea.

The cape of Krknjaši is located on the east coast of Drvenik island, 7 miles from Split. It boasts one of the most pristine natural beauties and is the first postcard-worthy tropical beach. Within the cove lies a traditional Dalmatian restaurant with a wide selection of fresh fish dishes.

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Zlatni Rat